VA Comp December 10

Current project: Face proportions  (how to accurately draw a face without using the grid method).

Exam review December 5-7, and more exam review this week.

We just finished working on our face grids (due December 5).

Drawing and Painting 11/12/18

Current assignment:  Linoleum block relief printmaking  (assigned on 11/7)
11/17 and 11/8       Draw design and transfer to linoleum
11/12                      Start cutting linoleum
11/13                      Continue cutting design out of linoleum and begin proofs (test prints)
11/14                      Continue proofs and adjust carving as needed
11/15                      Print final editions of prints

VA Comp 11/12/18

In class on 11/09/18 and 11/12/18

The Critical Method    How do we critique art?

1. Describe
2, Analyze
3. Interpret
4. Evaluate

Packets due in class today.

Coming up:
Watercolor techniques and botanical paintings

VA Comp, 11/5/18

Assignment due 11/2/18: Color Schemes Designs with colored pencils

Current assignment (due 11/7): Rule of Thirds "Selfie" Collage

Ceramics/Sculpture (3-D) 11/5/18

Assignment due 11/5/18: Slab mug with pulled handle

Earlier assignments:

Figure Sculpture based on classical Greek and Roman sculptures

Science Fiction Architecture Inspired sculptures (made from wire, paper, and cardboard- spray painted)

Drawing & Painting 11/5/18

Drawing & Painting assignment (due 11/5/18):  Botanical Water Color Painting with Zentangle Designs

New assignment, introduced in class today: Printmaking with Linoleum Block (Lino-cut)