Week of February 25 - March 1

VA Comp: drawing assessment, 2 views of hands, and 1 face drawing

AP Studio: portfolio progress assessment and continue with current project

Drawing and Painting I and II: begin face grid painting

Weekof 2/4 through 2/8

VA Comp:
We are learning to use the grid method to draw faces. This is just one technique to show students how to increase the size of a picture (especially when doing murals).

Grid Method

Week of 1/14/19

VA Comp:

Line Design assignment due 1/16/19

Value scales due 1/16/19

Half Face drawings due 1/17/19

Currently working on face drawing (drawing another person at table) as pre-assessment

Welcome to Spring Semester!

Information regarding all art classes is currently being updated.

Exam Information from Review in Class

We have been reviewing for the past two weeks for the final exam.
The following information has been reviewed:

The Elements of Design:
line, space, shape, form, color, texture, value

The Principles of Design:
contrast, balance, variety, pattern, emphasis, rhythm, movement, unity
The Critical Method: Describe Analyze Interpret Evaluate For the exam you must be able to go through each step completely.
One Point Perspective: Be able to draw a room using one point perspective, and include several pieces of furniture in the room using the rules of one point perspective.
Facial proportions: Be able to draw a head with the facial features all in the correct proportion and place.
Color Theory: Make sure you know the colors on the (12 color) color wheel in the correct place. Know complementary colors, analogous colors, color schemes, warm colors, cool colors

Ceramics/Sculpture (3-D) December 10

Currently we are working on The Critical Method and how to critique sculpture.

We are just finishing our drape mold bowls out of clay.